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Store Policy

We founded Hallowed Woods with this in mind: give customers a fair, rewarding, and enjoyable experience shopping for luxury and heirloom goods. We conduct our workshop and our business with the same loyalty and passion our customers bring to us. We stand by our products, and our commitments. If you purchase any of our products, we want you to love it for life. With a little effort, all of our products will test the limits of longevity. Each and every product we sell will come with a care card that explains exactly how to care for and use earthenware products to guarantee they last. You can also find our care instructions under the care tab of our site

Our Promise:
As craftsmen, we build each and every piece for ourselves. No step skipped, no detail compromised. 

All we ask is that you love our projects as much as we loved making them. Every product we sell comes with a sample of our ethical and sustainable, food-grade finishing compound—though you can use any finish wax you prefer—and a care card on the best ways to care for wood. With good habits, the heirloom quality can be passed on for generations.
If our products fail because of any fault in construction or craftsmanship in the first 30 days, we will make it right—just send us an email with pictures and we’ll start on a refund, repair, or replacement plan right away. After 30 days, feel free to email us anyway. If it’s truly a fault in our work, we’ll still do our best to make it right. 

Accidents happen, and we get it. If your hand made home goods experience an accident, your new puppy took a nibble, or something terrible happens through cosmic coincidence; we will fix your product—what’s left of it—at no profit.
We just ask you cover the cost of labor, materials, and shipping or travel as needed. 

Wear and tear is a normal part of earthenware’s story. Sometimes, though, that character build up can be unsightly or just need a refreshing. A cutting board thoroughly abused may start showing little dust or splinters, a pen might ding and dent, or your favorite classic game might lose its’ luster. Wear and tear happens, and if you ever encounter a problem that isn’t solved by the care instructions provided, email us with pictures! We will happily teach you how to touch up your treasure, or offer to have you send it in for our refinishing service.


Neglect and negligence can also happen. Life is a bumpy road, but even then things can be improved! If you have completely ignored our advice, abused the wood, or otherwise caused the damage directly by your actions. Well, that sucks, and we can tell what really happened. Our egos aside, we still love each piece. And hey, you’re reaching out to us, so maybe you’ve had a change of heart and have grown from the life lesson! Let us know, send us photos, and tell us the story of what happened. If the project is salvageable, we will have you send it to us and we will do our best. We will ask that you cover our costs the same as if it were an accident. Every piece is precious, and we don’t believe in waste.

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Store Policies: Store Policies
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