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Hallowed Woods Premium Wood Wax

Hallowed Woods Premium Wood Wax

Hallowed Woods Premium Wood Wax (3 ounce container)
All of Hallowed Woods creations are finished using a proprietary mix of oils, minerals, and waxes to ensure a safe and healthy blend.
Moisturizes dry wood and penetrates deep, helps restore original colors, and hardens into a quality protective finish.

Safe for skin contact, we strive to use only hypoallergenic products.
- Food-grade natural products 
- No petroleum
- No preservatives
- No dyes or dangerous chemicals
- Vegan option available
For food grade allergy concerns, contact us via email.

Generations of research, science, and new techniques were tested vigorously as we weighed the pro’s and con’s of every variation we tested until we found the best possible finish we could create. We do not use any petroleum products, preservatives, dyes or other dangerous chemicals.

Our finish has natural anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and water resistant properties to help ensure your beloved Hallowed Woods creations last as long as possible against any environment or household usage.

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